Monday, May 25, 2009


I'm having some trouble deciding whether to go for a pink theme (like a tropical/fuschia shade of pink) or an aqua theme.
I think the pink theme would be more 'me', but I like the aqua because it's more tropical.. plus the groomsmen won't have to wear pink.
This is the exact colour I wanted for aqua dresses:

Designer: MoriLee
Colour: Tiffany Blue


  1. what about pink dresses for the bridesmaids and tiffany blue accents on the groomsmen? best of both worlds.

  2. Good choice - aqua them complements the gazebo wedding and ocean water. I think pink's nice for ballroom receptions.

  3. Jess - that was a good idea! but i decided to stick with just the blue so that it coordinates w/ all my invites & stuff :) thanks for ur input tho!

    Tita Bess (hehe ur names rhyme) - good thinking, i like how u said the aqua goes with the water/beach 'look'! & yeah i remember doing pink already for my debut! lol thanks for your help!