Saturday, May 30, 2009

Travel Agent

I'm going to take this time to thank my beautiful travel agent Tita Belle for all her help with travel arrangements & putting up with our craziness :)

Belle Araneta
Director of Corporate Services and Special Events
New Wave Travel

Friday, May 29, 2009


Invitations are in the works :D thanks to my lovely long lost sis, MELISSA

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Got a glimpse of one concept.... so excited to see how they turn out!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Recent Updates

Things I have accomplished recently:
♥ officially booked the OCC Gazebo!
♥ made my first sample fan program :D

Things to do in the near future:
♥ book our flights + hotel
♥ figure out the reception venue!
♥ invitations
♥ confirm the bridal party
♥ buy supplies for fan program

Monday, May 25, 2009

Ceremony Programs

Omg! I just found the coolest idea for ceremony programs. Since the ceremony is going to be outdoors at noon, its going to be pretty hot, so many of the guests will be needing something to cool themselves down during the whole thing.. which is why I am thinking about making these Fan programs :)

This site: gives you instructions on how to make them yourself, so I'm going to test a few out and hope that they look good!


I'm having some trouble deciding whether to go for a pink theme (like a tropical/fuschia shade of pink) or an aqua theme.
I think the pink theme would be more 'me', but I like the aqua because it's more tropical.. plus the groomsmen won't have to wear pink.
This is the exact colour I wanted for aqua dresses:

Designer: MoriLee
Colour: Tiffany Blue

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Travel plans

Last week, I checked flights on from YYZ to HNL from Fri. Feb 12 - Thurs. Feb 18. With hotel accomodation at Hilton Hawaiian Village, the total with taxes came out to $1057/person. Very reasonable, compared to the $1500+ it would've been for July. I'm super excited that it's more affordable for people to come, and I just wanna book already!! cuz I just checked earlier today and the same package went up to $1111 :S So obviously I'm getting anxious since the only reason why we changed the date to February was because of the huge price difference. Can't wait to hear back from the travel agent!

Ocean Crystal Chapel Gazebo (ceremony location)


"Facing the Chapel floating in the shallow lagoon sits a wedding gazebo, which is ideal for intimate weddings and vow renewals.

With the back drop of the Chapel waterfall, and the safe coverage of the gazebo roof, this setting will make for the ultimate outdoor wedding"

Recent Updates

Things I have accomplished so far:
♥ contacted Bridal company (ceremony) & in the process of reserving the date of February 14, 2010.
♥ confirmed the week of the wedding with my lovely TA Belle (Fri. Feb. 12 - Thurs. Feb. 18) & just waiting for travel rates
♥ bought wedding dress from Bridal & Beyond

Things to do in the near future:
♥ call Hawaii dept. of Health about After-Hours marriage licensing
♥ think about reception ideas. luau? restaurant? there might not be enough ppl for a formal banquet thing.. we'll see!

Hello :)

This is my first post on our mini wedding blog.
I will post updates on our wedding plans, and some journal entries about the range of emotions experienced in the process.